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QUALITY – Lakeside Produce Distribution is the definitive premier produce industry shipper in the U.S. We faithfully represent, and partner with, the finest growers in our markets. At Lakeside, we source only the finest, healthiest produce available in the United States.

“Quality, along with food safety, is topmost on consumers’ minds. Obviously, this transfers to our most vital focus. In turn, we source and guarantee only the highest quality produce available. ”. – Terry Granzier; President, Lakeside Produce Distribution

RELIABILITY – If Lakeside commits, Lakeside delivers! Since our founding in 2002, Lakeside Produce Distribution has grown at a phenomenal rate. And that admirable growth can be traced directly to solid and durable relationships with our partner-growers in 8 states with whom we contract for over 2,000 acres of farmland.

“Our history only goes back to 2002 but in that period, we’ve grown at an unbelievable and admirable rate. How have we done it? By forming strong and trusting relationships and by keeping our word. Our growers need to feel confident about a contracted season’s produce and with Lakeside, they get that assurance.” – Terry Granzier; President, Lakeside Produce Distribution

SAFETY – While this is a shared responsibility between our growers, Lakeside Produce Distribution, and our customers, this issue is primarily on the shoulders of Lakeside -- and we conscientiously accept that responsibility. Through regimented safety standards and measures, ongoing training, in-field and process inspections, and 3rd party safety auditors, we bear the burden of assuring our customers their shipments have been dutifully checked at all field and packing points and is safe for production when it arrives – clean and safe.

“Food safety is a prime concern from the field to the fork. Lives and businesses depend upon produce being routinely grown, harvested, processed and tested under the strictest of safety standards. This includes pathogen and water source testing where applicable. At Lakeside, nothing takes a higher priority than our products’ safety ”. – Terry Granzier; President, Lakeside Produce Distribution

DIVERSITY - By maintaining longstanding and trusting relationships with our partner-growers and diversifying our growing areas, Lakeside is continually prepared to contract and deliver produce in the event of a natural disaster, draught, flood, reduced crop season or other localized weather or growing condition. We are steadfast in our pledge to make produce available to our customers’ regardless of availability issues from one growing area to another.

“While we maintain close relationships with all of our grower-partners, they all realize that natural disasters can alter availability. It is therefore imperative that Lakeside has the diversity and ability to switch source locations in such an event in order to honor our contracts.” – Terry Granzier; President, Lakeside Produce Distribution

INTEGRITY – Herein lays the bonding characteristic upon which all successful business relationships are built. At Lakeside, our word is our bond. No cloudy insinuations, no “smoke and mirrors” exaggerations, no half-truths!

At Lakeside, our partner-growers own the land and structures which helps Lakeside to pass on more favorable costs to our customers. If we don’t own it, we don’t claim to own it!
At Lakeside, we stand behind our word. If our website states it, we back it
At Lakeside, we diversify our network of multiple partner-growers
At Lakeside, we do not over plant or overgrow. We work together for the benefit of all of our partner-members.
At Lakeside, we do not formulate procedural shortcuts that ultimately eliminate critical process equipment or workers and cost more in the long run.

“Lakeside extends a firm commitment to the integrity of mutually beneficial partnerships with quality independent growers and this continues to be the unifying keystone in the supplier/Lakeside/customer family.” -- Terry Granzier; President, Lakeside Produce Distribution

Lakeside is unquestionably your best produce distribution choice. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and capabilities through a personal exchange with Terry Granzier or any member of our team. We will meet and exceed your expections – and you should expect nothing less.

We look forward to the opportunity of earning your trust and business.

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